Current Project

M.V. River Princess
Goa, 2011-12

Over a decade ago, the Goan Monsoons wreaked havoc on M.V. River Princess. In June 2000, she was grounded near Candolim Beach.

For many years, other ship breakers attempted to remove this wreckage, but none succeeded. Whether they were international firms or local companies, they couldn’t meet Government deadlines.

In November 2010, ASB bagged the River Princess removal project.

The Princess had been a major threat to marine life and had led to the deterioration and erosion of Candolim beach. Other companies had already caused ecological distortion; ASB valiantly took on the challenge of uprooting a sunken ship equivalent to a four-storeyed building.

Work began in March 2011, and in a record of 40 daylight working days, ASB removed the structure above the waterline. Floating structures had been used to cut and transport the body.

Recently, Toyo Pumps were used for the removal of sand from the submerged engine room, cargo holds and forepeak. ASB had employed Brocko roads for underwater cutting while these pieces were being lifted for transportation by SBG Himmat.