Major Projects

M.V. Zhen Don

Mumbai, 1997 – 98

DWT – 30,000

Grounded on the rocks off Carter Road in suburban Mumbai, M.V. Zhen Don was 30,000 DWT ship. At least 40 feet above the ground, there were grave safety concerns during the project.

The ship could be boarded only at low tide and the only access anybody had to it was by a simple pulley and sling system or a rope ladder touching the water by its side.

ASB fitted a safety harness when a man almost fell off the vessel, on to the rocks. A 650 metre long and six feet wide rubble road was constructed, so experts could have access to the vessel.

Challenging and dangerous, ASB saw this project through with great resolve. The ship was removed by a team that was driven and capable; in due course, authorities were pleased by ASB’s performance.

M.V. Ocean Seraya

Karwar, 2007

DWT – 73,625

ASB was summoned in 2007 for the wreck removal of M.V. Ocean Seraya.  The sunken vessel was a 73, 625 DWT ship.

Grounded at Krawar Port after a major catastrophe, the ship had broken into two pieces. ASB’s experienced workforce was immediately dispatched from Alang. They first removed the section above the waterline, then a qualified team of divers began underwater salvaging.

With the help of a Marine Spread like crane barges and cargo barges for lifting material from the seabed, submerged plating and equipment was also removed.

Challenging no doubt, the operation was carried out to the satisfaction of environment and port authorities. ASB ensured that there were no oil spills and no damage to marine life during the project.

A conscious effort to maintain the environment and safeguard all parties involved, the Ocean Seraya job was complete.

Other Projects

Tug Gundwana – Salvage

Mumbai, 1997-98

100 BP Tug

This vessel is still operational owing to ASB’s efforts.

Shalom – Salvage

Mumbai, 1997-98

DWT – 6,000


Romanski – Wreck Removal

Mumbai, 2000

DWT – 60, 000

This ship was grounded on the shore line, submerged halfway.

President Washington

Porbandar Beach

Date : 2001-02