Wreck Removal

ASB has a number of complex wreck removal projects to its credit. However, in 1998 the moving of Zhen Don in Mumbai distinguished ASB as a reliable group. Like most wreck removal projects; this one too met environmental, political and technical challenges. There were labour safety concerns and apprehensions about oil spills. Critics thought it was impossible to see this project through, but we recognised it as an opportunity to implement new ideas and technologies. We have gradually built a global network of specialists and adopted international trends of operations and safety measures.

ASB houses one of India’s largest sea lifting cranes, equipped for wreck removals in high-energy surf conditions and where speedy currents and tide make the use of floating vessels impractical.

Combining the crane’s capability with our fleet of internally designed and built Tugs allows us a pulling force of over 18,000 tons.

Our assets can be transferred anywhere in the world, promptly. ASB has performed extraordinary operations globally for multi-national governments, ship owners and underwriters.

We also offer underwater diving services for wreck removal projects. Regardless of location or complication, we can meet your needs through our strategically deployed equipment and expertise.